Lebanon Soccer Club

2019 Fall Season Info

The mission of the Lebanon Soccer Club is one that is founded on the principles of player development and sportsmanship. Each and every individual player, regardless of ability, shall be given an equal opportunity to succeed in our program. Our goal is to improve the playing ability of every player in the LSC; at no time will this be compromised to the benefit of the few. Proper conduct by all members of the LSC during practices and games is expected regardless of the conduct of others. Respect for each other, the opposition, the referees and spectators, shall be exhibited at all times.

Our goal, with the help of all of you, is to offer a fun atmosphere of soccer to our children, and many positive experiences that will create lasting memories that they will remember far into their teen and adult years. To those that continue to offer your time whenever and wherever needed.....thank you.

2019 Fall Registration is Closed

Opening Weekend is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of September and closing weekend is scheduled for the end of October. As we get closer to the season we will have specific dates and schedules to share with you and your coaches.

To register for the fall season, either use the Register Now buttons here on this page or those on the homepage of the LSC Website. When you register, please ensure that you do so by clicking on the "Fall 2019 Recreation - Players" button (Fall Comp Registration is closed). Headshots & Birth Certificates are required by all players who are registering. Your child's information is not seen by or shared with the public in any way. Our club president & registrar are the only board members who can access this information through your registration.

•Pricing this fall is as follows:
U6 - $40 (no late fee, closes 8/31)
U8 - $60 (Late Fee of $30) *
U10 & Up - $80 (Late Fee of $40) *
*Note: This price of registration does not include the cost of the uniform except for U6 (t-shirts provided)

Registration late fees begin July 16, 2019. Registration for the fall season closes on July 31, 2019

•LSC happily opens registration to residents of Lebanon, Franklin, Bozrah & Sprague CT.

•We will also continue to offer a discount for registrations of (3) or more family members! The process through our system requires for all children to be registered and paid for FIRST and then we will process your refund at your request. Thank you for your patience with this!
1st Oldest Child - Full Price
2nd Oldest Child - Full Price
3rd Child or More - Free

Visit the PROGRAMS tab along the top of the website to view additional information about our age group programs!

•If you have any questions as to how to register or any other registration questions, please email our club registrar Jon Hiltz at jonhiltz@gmail.com and he will be happy to help you get through the process or answer any questions you may have.

As always thank you so much for supporting the Lebanon Soccer Club! As your players grow within our program we strive to grow with them to provide them with more fun and enjoyable experiences and more learning opportunities!

2019 Fall Uniform Information

New Uniform Info!
Back by popular demand, the Lebanon Soccer Club will be offering a one time for the fall season bulk order for any of your uniform needs.

K&N Graphics out of Columbia, CT will be our uniform provider this year!

To be included in the club bulk order, your order must be placed through the following link by July 15th to receive free shipping and the lower uniform cost! With the help of our uniform director, your child's coach or team parent will hand out your uniforms to you during practice before your first game.

Please ensure to look at the sizing chart when ordering. There is a chart link under each item on the website. U8-U15 are required to have blue jerseys with our current club logo, black shorts and black socks for the fall season.
U6 players will receive an LSC t-shirt on their first day of practice. The cost of the shirt is included in your registration.

Uniforms ordered starting July 16th will have a higher cost to you, shipping will not be free and will be mailed direct to you with no guarantee you will receive it in time.

Order your LSC uniforms and swag HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What can I do to help as a parent?
A: LSC is a volunteer-based club organization that needs the support and commitment from the parents of our players. If you have interest, ask the coach what you can do at practice to help. Volunteering to be a Team Parent is extremely helpful and appreciated by our coaches. Or it may be as simple as setting up cones or moving a goal. This will make the time your child spends at practice more productive. More importantly, be involved in the monthly meetings and support the activities and tournaments the club is responsible for. The more people involved, the more our children will learn and the more opportunities they will have to play soccer.

Q: Who can attend monthly board meetings?
A: LSC monthly board meetings are open to EVERYONE involved in our club (including board members, coaches, volunteers, community members, friends, parents, and even players). Your input into LSC matters! Please attend as many monthly meetings as you are able. This is a forum for you to communicate (both positive and needs improvement items) to the coaches and the board. LSC Board Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month in the Lebanon Community Center at 7pm.


Q: Why do I have to register my child so early for spring or fall soccer?
A: There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that has to take place in order for a soccer season for even one player to actually occur. Determining how many teams are going to be established, having the appropriate number of fields and goals available, ordering uniforms, lining up referees, and determining schedules are some of the items that must happen. In addition, we have district requirements that we must meet. In order for these items to fall into place, we must allow appropriate time for meetings and scheduling. LSC tries to be flexible where possible, but sometimes we cannot meet some of the demands based on rules and policies.

Q: I registered my child, How do I manage the documents I need to load for my child?
A: Visit the main page of www.lebanonsoccerclub.com and in the top right corner of the screen is a member login button. You can access your child's profile by signing into your account there.

Q: Does LSC have a Financial Aid Policy?
A: Currently no. But we do offer a family discount for families registering with 3+ children.
1st Oldest Child – Full Price
2nd Oldest Child – Full Price
3rd Child or More – Free

Q: Why do I have to fill out a medical release form?
A: All children must have a medical release form on file with their coach in case of injury or illness. It lets the coach know about your child’s special needs, insurance, and treatment facility preferences. All possible attempts will be made to contact you in the event of an injury, illness, or emergency. This information is there to ensure appropriate emergency care should that be needed.


Q: How do I know if I still have a game/practice/training when there is bad weather outside?
A: Field closings will be emailed out via your child's coach or the board of directors. Please check with your coach before heading to any games/practices/training sessions if in doubt. While the safety of our players is our main concern, unless the fields are deemed unplayable or lightning/thunder is in the area, all practices and games should be played. Games and practices should be held unless the fields are closed or the weather is unsafe.

Q: What equipment should my child have to participate in soccer?
A: All players should have the appropriate sized ball and shin guards. Shin guards are required for both practice and games; no child will be allowed to play without them. Also, all players should have their own drinking water/hydrating beverage as some fields have no facilities.

Q: What size soccer ball does my child need?
A: Soccer ball sizes depends upon the age of child.
Size 3: U6 & U8
Size 4: U10 & U12
Size 5: U15