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2019 Spring Season

LSC Recreational Soccer is the foundation of our program. Recreational Soccer is all about fun, everybody plays, everybody has fun! Teams practice once or twice a week in the early evening (scheduled by their coaches) and play games most Saturdays and the occasional Sunday. The breakdown below shows LSC team groupings by age, final groups will depend on the number of players registered in each age group. U6 is not offered in the spring for the LSC as directed by our district guidelines. If you would like to see U6 offered as a spring program in the future please email the LSC Club President: Chris Frank.

2019 Spring Regisration is CLOSED!

Season Opens April 20th and Ends June 15th!

Recreational Parent Info:

Your coach will expect your child to be prepared to practice - which means being ready to work and to have fun! Please be sure that your child has on cleats (double knotted) and shin guards (worn under socks at all times). Please bring the correct size soccer ball (U8 - U12 - size 4 /U15 - size 5) and a full water bottle. All items should be labeled with your child's name and phone number. Long hair should be tied back and no jewelry (including necklaces, earrings and watches) should be worn. Please have your child visit the restroom before practice.

PLEASE BE ON TIME to pick your child up from practice. Not only is this a common courtesy, but a safety issue as well. If your child is to go home with someone else, please be sure to personally notify your coach prior to the start of practice. By the same token, sometimes coaches can be delayed. Do not leave your child on the practice field without a coach in attendance.

All players should plan to arrive to the fields approximately 30 minutes before their game begins unless otherwise instructed by your coach. Again, please come ready to play. Your child should wear his/her team jersey, shin guards under socks and cleats!!

If you will miss (or be late to) a practice or a gameā€¦
Be sure to notify your coach as far in advance as possible. Soccer is a team sport and while a perfect attendance record may be nearly impossible, please try to be fair to the rest of your child's team when planning vacations and other events.

Rain outs
In the event of inclement weather, please check with your child's coach. Coaches may choose to use personal email--texts--phone calls--or the Team Connect app to notify their teams. Coaches and Board Members are responsible for checking the safety of the fields. Please be aware that this may not happen until coaches & board members get home from work. Because of work schedules you may not hear if your child does or does not have practice until shortly before their scheduled practice time. Please be cognizant of the fact that this may happen on occassion. Games are cancelled and/or rescheduled between coaches unless the Board of Directors otherwise deem fields unplayable. Your child's safety is our #1 priorty.

If your child has any allergies (especially to bee stings), asthma, or any other serious health issue be sure to discuss this with your coach. We do not provide coaches with an extensive first aid kit to deal with serious health issues. If your child may need more than a band-aid or ice pack, be sure that your child's coach has it and knows how to use it.

Youth sports is the time to model correct and appropriate behavior for our children. Always keep in mind that this is a GAME and that these are CHILDREN playing. There will be mistakes made by players, coaches and referees alike. Cheer your child on, but step back from the sideline and please let your coach do the coaching. While most coaches welcome any comments from the parents about how to make the season more productive and fun, please remember that the coaches are all parent volunteers who are working hard to spend time teaching your child. If you should have any concerns about your child's coach, please contact our Coaching Director: Noel Raymond.

Our referee staff is trained and certified - but some are also young adults. Parents are not allowed, at ANY time, to make comments or have other interaction with the referees. Parents who disregard this rule will be asked to leave the fields. If you have questions or concerns about referees and/or game rules, contact our Referee Director: Chris Watkins.

Above all, please remember that our Recreational Soccer Program is first and foremost about our children having FUN. The goal is for our youth to learn to play soccer, get along with and play as a team, and be competitive and show good sportsmanship while having FUN. We look forward to another great season!

2019 Spring Uniforms

If your child's uniform still fits from the fall please use the uniform you have already purchased. If your child needs a new uniform for the spring please use the following links to purchase what you may need. Spring soccer does not require "official club jerseys" therefore numbers and our club logo are not required. The blue Adidas jersey style (shown) is required.

Uniforms are not included in your registration fee. 

Jersey Options: If your child needs a new jersey please purchase the Adidas Soccer Entrada 18 Style Jersey in Royal Blue

Jersey Link

Jersey Link 2

Jersey Link 3

Jersey Link 4

Shorts and Socks: If your child needs new of either item black is requested by the club so all of our players look like they are on the same team. You may look for options in stores or use the following Amazon or Dick's Sporting Goods items:

Amazon Black Athletic Shorts

Dick's Soccer Shorts

Amazon Black Soccer Socks

Dick's Soccer Socks

Numbers: As stated above it is not required for your spring recreational player to have a number on the back of their jersey. If you would like to add one to the jersey you are more than welcome to purchase any number you would like to add. We do not need to keep record of the number you choose. 

You can find an iron-on option here: Iron On Numbers

Coaches Contact Info

U8 Girls
Amanda Hardy

U10 Girls
Ryan Smithwick

U10 Girls
Jenn Warner

U12 GIrls
Andrew Cardinali
U8 Boys
Greg Topalis

U8 Boys & U15 Freshman Boys
Gary Haynes

U10 Boys
Andrew Holley

U10 Boys
Christopher Watkins

U12 Boys
Steve Howard

U12 & U15 Boys
Noel Raymond

U15 Freshman Boys
David Kukucka