Lebanon Soccer Club

U8 Girls Coach

Ryan Smithwick


Assistant Coach:

Stefanie Picard 

U8 Girls Coach

Rachel Mackewicz


U8 Boys Coach

Gary Haynes 


Assistant Coach:

Dawn Whitcher 

U8 Boys Coach
U8 Boys Coach

Brendan Witherell 


Assistant Coach:

Colleen Walsh 

U8 Boys Coach

Jason Chavairas 


U8 Program

To be part of either boys or girls U8, your player's birth year must fall in the following age range: 01/01/2011 - 12/31/2012 

Practices for Fall:

U8 Boys- Wednesday Evening and Saturday Morning 10:30-noon
U8 Girls- Monday and Friday Evening

U8 is offered in both the fall and the spring season and focuses on: 

One Ball, Two Players
Ball Control
Dribbling Part One
Dribbling Part Two
Lower Limb Coordination & Vision
Receiving Part One
Receiving Part Two
Small Group Play
Passing in Pairs


This fall we have SIX U8 teams! The following are our coaches for both the boys and the girls. 

U8 Girls:

Ryan Smithwick: ryansmithwick@gmail.com 

Rachel Mackewicz: rmackewicz@sbcglobal.net 

U8 Boys:

Gary Haynes: haynes307@yahoo.com 

Jason Merritt: jasonmerritt60@gmail.com 

Brendan Witherell: dubs16@yahoo.com 

Jason Chavairas: jchaviaras75@gmail.com 

Team Parent(s):


In addition to playing, all U8 teams are required to donate a themed raffle basket for our annual Fall Classic Tournament (Sept 29/30)


Ryan's team: Mystery Bag Toy Surprise 

Rachel's team: Game Night 

Gary's team: Outdoors 

Jason M's team: Movie Night 

Brendan's team: Gift Card Frenzy 

Jason C's team: Halloween 

Watch Team Connect for more information from your child's coaches.