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Northeast District Blowout Protocol

Blowout Protocol

The Competition Committee is extremely concerned about matches with very lopsided scores and/or grossly uneven play. NED has instituted a Blowout Protocol to raise the awareness of coaches and enhance the experience for the players. The Blowout Protocol goes into effect whenever there is a 4 goal (or more) differential in the first half or a 5 goal (or more) differential in the second half. Division 3 and 4 teams that follow the Blowout Protocol will not be penalized in the standings for exceeding the blowout threshold. It is incumbent upon the coaches to notify each other and to communicate with the referee when the match enters Blowout Protocol. The referee will permit the modified play but not enforce it. The referee can be requested to document that the Blowout Protocol was followed if the coaches don't agree. The coaches must document that the Blowout Protocol was followed when they submit their scores to be relieved of potential penalty. Application of the Blowout Protocol applies to the 10-U and younger competitive leagues as well as all Division 5 leagues. Documentation of a blowout situation is not required for Division 5 clubs but it is recommended that the coach notify their respective club president when it occurs.

Teams MUST take one or more of the following steps when the Blowout Protocol occurs. This is not a priority order, nor is it considered complete. Other measures with equivalent intent are acceptable.

Play shorthanded, even several players shorthanded

Opposing team can ADD players

Play players out of position

Play 5 -10 touches before a shot is taken

Play 2 touch maximum per player

Require 5 or more complete passes before going forward

All players have to touch ball before going forward

Put high scorer in goal

Change forwards to defense and defense to forwards

Limit attackers to 2 or 3 over mid-field as situation dictates

GK cannot play ball with hands except for saves

GK can only hand feed the balls into own half

Take extended measures to keep play balanced while providing a challenging experience for both teams.

Page 34 & 35 of the NED Rules of Competition (10th Edition)

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