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Welcome to the Lebanon Soccer Club

General Questions

Are you part of the Lebanon Recreation Department?
No. Although we work closely with the Town of Lebanon, The LSC is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1970.

What does the LSC's status as a non-profit organization mean?
In legal terms, the Lebanon Junior Soccer Club is tax-exempt entity recognized by the federal government as an organization which promotes amateur sports competition while combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency. Most charitable organizations fall into this classification which is favorable as these types of organizations are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions from supporters.

Does the Lebanon Soccer Club offer financial assistance?
We understand that sometimes families might encounter difficult times and in order to continue to develop the youth of our town, we offer a family discount to help offset registration fees for those who qualify. Eligibility is granted on a per season basis and covers registration fees only. Equipment and Uniforms are not included in the discount program. Inquiries regarding our family discount should be directed to our club Registrar at [email protected].

How are my child's registration fees used by the club?
Registration fees are the club's primary source of income and we understand that members may be interested in how those fees are used. A detailed breakdown of fees can be found within the club's annual report which can be found in the Board Member Meeting Minutes. 

Do you have a program for my 3 year old?
Due to many logistical considerations, the Lebanon Soccer Club does not have a program for 2 and 3 year olds. Our program begins with U6 (typically ages 4 and 5) in the fall seasons. Please direct any questions regarding this matter to our club Registrar at [email protected]

I heard about a scholarship available from the LSC, where does my child apply?
The club will generally provide two $250 scholarships to one male and one female senior alumni of the Lebanon Soccer Club who are enrolled in an institute of higher learning. In February of every new calendar year, the LSC will post the scholarship application on our website and bring hard copies to the Lyman Memorial High School guidance office. 

What if my child is hurt while playing?
Our volunteer coaches may administer basic first aid such as applying ice packs or bandages. If you or your coach suspects that your child may be concussed, they will be required to secure a doctor's note to continue playing. Click here for information about concussions.

What are Silent Sidelines?
Research has shown that players learn best when they are permitted to make their own game. Coaches and parents shouting from the sidelines can confuse and stress young athletes. Each season, the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association sponsors a weekend of Silent Sidelines, we encourage parents to cheer and clap to support players, but refrain from yelling direct instruction to players. The Lebanon Soccer Club encourages spectators to practice Silent Sidelines during all soccer games.

Questions about Coaching

Who are your coaches?
Our club is volunteer-based, this includes our coaches. Both Recreational and Competitive travel teams are coached by parent volunteers within our program. For more information please contact our Coaching Director at [email protected]

Why become a LSC coach?
Becoming a LSC coach is a great opportunity to become active in the Lebanon community and connect with your child on an entirely different level. The LSC will provide coaches with the resources and help needed to become a quality coach regardless of previous coaching experience. Visit our coaching page to learn more.

How do I become a coach?
Register here or contact our Coaching Director at [email protected]

What is a coaching director?
The Director of Coaching will direct and supervise the Lebanon Soccer Club coaching staff and is ultimately responsible for meeting the club's overall objectives relative to player and team development. 

What educational resources are available for LSC coaches?
Coaching curriculum, websites and resources can be found under the coaches tab on our website.  If you would be interested in the LSC hosting coaching clinics please contact our Coaching Director at [email protected]

Questions About Registration and Refunds

How do I register for the upcoming season, and what forms of payment are accepted?
Credit card payments can be made during registration using our secure payment gateway on our website. 

When does registration open?
The LSC does our best to use the following date ranges when opening registration periods.
Spring soccer registration opens mid-February and closes end of March.
Fall soccer registration opens mid-May and closes end of July.

Why was I charged a late fee?
A successful season relies on year-round planning and preparation. Equipment, supplies, and insurance are just some of the commodities that we secure in advance and in bulk. To the extent the club needs to purchase items beyond our normal registration dates, we often lose the competitive pricing of advance orders. Our late fees are used to motivate timely registrations.

What is LSC's refund policy?
The club fully understands that while soccer might be the passion of one youth, for others, especially our very young players, soccer may not be for them. Refunds in a normal season are handled case by case. All questions related to refunds should be directed towards our club Registrar at [email protected]

Questions About Rosters and Teams

I've seen U-## listed for teams, how do these age brackets work for youth soccer?
Age banding is important to youth soccer for several reasons including safety, enjoyment of the game, and the overall development of the player. For example, you might see a U-12 designation signifying that the players in that division are "under age 12". The LSC follows the US Youth Soccer Age Matrix. Click here to view.

Can my child play in a different age group?
On very rare occasions, if a player meets certain criteria they may be eligible to move up a division. Contact our Registrar and Coaching Director to further discuss your questions. [email protected] and [email protected]

How are teams formed?
Competitive Travel teams are put together as a result of the tryout process, click here to learn more about Competitive Team tryouts.
Our Registrar rosters teams for our Recreational program. This process is the result of analyzing registration information to honor parent requests and many other factors to create the most balanced teams possible.

What is the tryout process?
Competitive Travel team tryouts are held for all players (new and returning) in June of each year before the school year is over.
While not mandatory, players should plan to attend both tryouts. For full details please see our Competitive Team page here.

Why do you need my child's photo and birth certificate?
All Competitive Travel players must have a 'player pass' which coaches keep and present to referees before games. In order to obtain a pass, CJSA (Connecticut Junior Soccer Association) age verifies each player using birth certificates. A pass is then printed with a headshot photo of the player. Please click here for detailed information regarding the player identification process.

Can my Recreational player switch teams?
When rostering Recreational teams, our Registrar takes many factors into account including practice night and other parent requests and works to create balanced teams. Once roster and team information is released to families, it can be difficult to move players. Our Registrar does his best to accommodate all re-rostering requests. Please contact our club Registrar with questions at [email protected]

Questions About Practices and Games

When do teams practice?
Recreational and Competitive teams generally practice twice per week in the evenings.
Specific nights and times are chosen by your child's coach based on their availability. 

Field location for your child's coach is assigned to them by the club Field Assignor. 

When are games played?
Recreational soccer (U8+) play home and away games on Saturday with an occasional Sunday usually for make up games.
Competitive Travel teams have both home and away games on Saturdays and Sundays, so timing will vary.

U6 practice and scrimmage typically Saturday morning's from 9-10:30am or as directed by the coaches. 

Please reach out to our Coaching Director or Registrar with any questions or concerns. 
[email protected]
[email protected]

Our Ref/Field Assignor position is currently vacant, any questions regarding field availability and scheduling should be directed to our Club President at [email protected]

Questions About Equipment

What does my child need in order to participate in soccer?
Players participating in Competitive Travel Soccer will need to purchase a uniform consisting of both a home jersey, away jersey, shorts, and socks.  In addition to a uniform, players need an appropriately sized ball, cleats, shin guards and a water bottle.

Recreational players uniforms include a jersey, shorts, and socks. Recreational players will also need an appropriately sized ball, shin guards, cleats and a water bottle.

Club branded t-shirts are provided for all U6 players in the fall. 

Soccer Ball Sizes
U6 - U8: size 3 ball
U9 - U12: size 4 ball
U13 - U15: size 5 ball
Please be sure to have the correct ball for your child's age group at the start of every season.

How Can I Become a Volunteer?

One of the club's most valuable assets is the volunteer base which gives a tremendous amount of support to the club. There are several roles you can take as a volunteer and based on your interests we can certainly find a place for you:

  • Interested in being a coach? Contact our Coaching Director at [email protected]
  • Want to be involved in the Board of Directors? Contact our Club President at [email protected]
  • Would you like to help out at a fundraising event or our annual tournament? Contact our tournament director at [email protected]
  • Unsure of what you'd like to participate in but want to give back to the community? Introduce yourself at the next board meeting every first Wednesday of the month. All Lebanon Soccer Club board meetings are open to the public. In fact, the club very much appreciates your continued feedback. We hope to see you at the next meeting. Meeting location is upstairs in the Lebanon Community Center at 7pm.

What are the positions on the BOD?
Our board of directors is made up of volunteers from the soccer community. The LSC board includes our President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar. In addition we also have our Coaching Director, Communications Director, Uniform Director, Event and Tournament Director, Club Liaison, Equipment and Field Maintenance Directors, Fundraising Director and Referee & Field Assignor. 

All board positions are filled by vote at the Annual General Meeting in December. 

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